Spring Gillard

Dockside Green

When I attended the education congress in Victoria recently, I also fit in a visit to Dockside Green. I’ve been following the development of this sustainable community since it was still on the drawing board. The Vancity team (the credit union owns the development) gave us a fabulous, in-depth tour of […]

Sustainability in Tough Times


I’m beginning to plan for this year’s applied sustainability course at Simon Fraser University (SFU). It’s essentially a two day tour where we go out and look at real life sustainability in action. Each year varies, but Olympic Village is always featured. The photo above shows the district energy system “smokestacks” […]

It Takes a Village

We have been touring the Olympic Village with design manager Roger Bayley for four years now in the SFU Applications course, part of a certificate in Sustainable Community Development. We were crawling around in the bellies of buildings looking at the green infrastructure long before the athletes moved in.

Last year, post Olympics, the Village […]