Spring Gillard

Miss Demeanour

As of January 1, residents of Vancouver who live in multi-family dwellings (apartment buildings, condominiums) can put their food scraps into their yard trimmings bin. It’s hard for me not to be policing our bin in the back alley and I’ve noticed a few misdemeanours already. For those of you new to the […]

Wasting Food

I attended a Vancouver Food Policy Council meeting this week. The topic was food scraps, so I was motivated to attend on a warm summer evening. It was lovely to see the enthusiasm around the room and especially wonderful to see the interest in food recovery or food rescue as it is […]

Composting 101

I’m all about compost again these days. Decided it might be time to do a little review on the basics of composting.

First of all, the bin. If you’re using a plastic one, make it more rodent resistant by placing a sheet of hardware cloth under the bin to keep rodents from burrowing up. 16- […]