Putting on the Glitz

I went through an intense bling phase last year. As I have never had a bling phase, nor even a princess period, this was a total surprise to me. I could not get enough sparkle. I bought sequin dresses and rhinestone pumps. As I work in the inner city and pretty much live in jeans and casual wear, all of my friends asked me where I was going with all that glam. I did manage to go on an Alaskan Cruise last summer, where glitz is strongly encouraged – so that was one place I could shine. Sometimes I would just go stand in front of the sequin wall at Dressew, my favourite fabric store. There were a few accessories I was jonesing for, but as I had already spent a hefty sum on my new obsession, I decided to make my own. I bought a cheap headband and belt, then blinged them up with some sticky sparkly decal strips. Then I bought a strip of rhinestones and a belt buckle to make a fancier belt. Saved myself a good couple hundred bucks there and now have an entire wardrobe should I move to Vegas!

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