Rare Bird


We spotted a rare bird during our SFU tour on Saturday. No, not one of the 50 or so species that have returned to the area now that there’s a wetland at Olympic Village. As we were discussing the neighbourhood energy utility under the Cambie Street bridge, I spotted a woman at the compost bins in the community garden there. What was she doing in the middle of a downpour? With an ordinary pair of kitchen scissors, she was cutting up the garden trimmings into small pieces before putting them into the compost bins. By the time I got over to commend her on her rare composting technique (especially at a community garden where the bins are usually dumping grounds), she had finished her task and put away the scissors. When I commented on her fine practice and dedication, she said, “Well, it just breaks down better and faster that way.” I did not confess that I’ve been hiding my “stuff to be chopped” inside my bean teepee this season. Time to get cracking.

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