Cool Salmon Tool For School

For anyone working on a school project about salmon and water in this province, there’s a great new tool to help you out. The Watershed Watch Salmon Society has created the Fraser Basin LiveMap, an Interactive Salmon and Water Atlas. With this web-based mapping tool you can learn about the various salmon species and the conservation issues surrounding them, whether the population is at risk and what water temperature they thrive in. You can also explore the issues from a water management perspective through watershed case studies. The cutting-edge data visualization platform walks you through the water use, the threats, the stewardship in place and the essential needs and future prospects.  For example, the Fraser Basin itself is BC’s largest salmon-bearing watershed and is home to over 1,000 spawning populations of salmon. The Fraser Basin includes 13 sub-watersheds with nearly a third of the province’s waterways draining into it. With a click on the map, you can also dive into historical government data on water flows, salmon returns, water temperature, and other factors affecting the aquatic ecosystem. Your class can also investigate how BCs Water Act Modernization process could help protect salmon. You might want to sign up for the monthly newsletter that the Watershed Watch folks put out. It’s how I found out about this cool new tool that you can use at school. Or, even if you’re not a student or a teacher, but simply want to learn more about salmon schools.


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