Spring Gillard

Cool Salmon Tool For School

For anyone working on a school project about salmon and water in this province, there’s a great new tool to help you out. The Watershed Watch Salmon Society has created the Fraser Basin LiveMap, an Interactive Salmon and Water Atlas. With this web-based mapping tool you can learn about the various salmon species and […]

Three Hour Tour

The Rivershed Society of BC is hosting a 3 hour dinner cruise on the Fraser aboard the historic MV Native Paddlewheeler. The dinner is the annual fundraiser for a great program, the Sustainable Living Leadership Program. Every year, ten young leaders are chosen for the trip of a lifetime down the Fraser River. During […]

River Quest and the Case of the Missing Fins

I have been working with the Rivershed Society of BC (RSBC) for nearly three years now. The group looks at sustainability through the lens of salmon and water. I was a little shocked at first to find myself working with a bunch of hunters and fishers. I was a vegetarian after all and not the […]