Spring Gillard

Exchanging Pleasantries

I’m a pretty big fan of bike art, so I was delighted to see these creative trellises at the Mt Pleasant Park Community Garden last night. I was there doing a compost workshop for their garden members. They just installed a lovely wood and wire three-binner and wanted to start their compost system on the right foot. I rode over on my bike – the garden is right on the bike route at 15th & Ontario, located in the new park where the old community centre used to be. Cyclists were zooming by the whole time I was there. The bike wheel trellises were well suited to the beautifully kept garden; neighbourhood children helped to build and install them. But wouldn’t you know, the recycled creations caused a stir. Up to that point, there had only been compliments about the garden all day long, every day, by neighbours and passersby. But even one formal complaint to the City carries a lot of weight. It really helps when officials also hear from those who are pleased. So far, the trellises are still standing in this very pleasant neighbourhood.

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