Ad Sprout

I always thought that my motivation for getting into advertising was the book Subliminal Seduction, but it began earlier. I pulled out some old high school things from the dungeon recently and found this guidance class project we did on the media, including advertising. In my exercise book, I have a list of ways ads can sell. Some of the examples of the day, which I probably provided, are better than others.

1. Sell by association. The dilemma: unwanted hair: the alternatives, shaving (back tomorrow); electrolysis (expensive); Nudit (the feminine approach).

2. Sell by endorsement. Any friend of Ovaltine is a friend of mine. (Joe Namath)

3. Sell by distortion of truth. Four out of five dentists recommend Crest.

4. Sell by presentation of fact. She Needs Your Love (Christian Children’s Fund)

5. Sell by playing on fears. Oily hair? Clean it fast with new Pssssst. (a dry shampoo)

6. Sell by humour. Crunchie bars. Rabbits multiply faster than you can finish your Crunchie.

7. Sell by creating a need. The Moon Drops 24 hour liquid diet for skin. Great beauties swear by it and have for years.

Then I had to create my own ad. Needless to say I became a copywriter, not a graphic designer.

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