Common Grind

It was the sign that caught my attention. An urban farmer is not a common sight at the Penticton Farmers Market. The vocation isn’t as prevalent in the Okanagan as it is in the lower mainland. So I decided to chat with the farmer. Glad I did.

Peter Kok is in his second year of farming in four Penticton yards. Happy to say he’s making a living, although he still has to find other work in the winter. My Dad told him he’d noticed him driving around town because the steering wheel on his truck is on the wrong side. And that’s not the only anomaly, the truck is powered by used vegetable oil which he collects from local restaurants. This busy farmer is also on the board of the Centre for Urban Agriculture in Penticton. This was our last booth of the morning and my shopping bags were pretty full, but I couldn’t resist buying some beautiful young urban carrots.

You can find out more about this industrious urban farmer at Common Grind Urban Farms. The web site is as hip as the sign.

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