Spring Gillard

Planetary Interference?

I went to pick up my new U-Pass Compass card at UBC Robson Square this week and the Translink vending machines weren’t working. The machine just kept telling me I was ineligible, even though I am still a student. The UBC staff person at reception was able to issue my card manually though. Doesn’t bode […]

Articulating Speed

I am regularly terrified riding on Translink’s express buses these days. The speed is particularly disturbing in the longer “articulated” buses, which add another 20 feet to the vehicle. The drivers drive them as if they are small sports cars, apparently taking the word “express” as a license to speed. They take corners on two […]

Norton Commons

Noticed one of the dwindling corner stores in my neighbourhood had gotten a facelift. Decided to check it out. Norton Commons offers a mix of local, sustainable fare, alongside the odds and ends and necessities that any corner store might offer. They’ve even kept the freezer with the ice cream bars and […]

Why You Shouldn’t Lock Your Bike to a Sign Post

I saw this sign at a bus stop near my place recently. At first I was a little annoyed. Why shouldn’t people lock their bikes to the bus stop sign – especially when there are so few bike racks along 4th Avenue? But then I spoke to a bus driver and he gave me […]

Get a Grip!

I was sitting on a bus – “ one of the new cavernous tanks on the road in Metro Vancouver. I had just happily settled into one of the few seats when I noticed an elderly woman teetering down the wide centre aisle. Bags of heavy groceries dangled from one hand contorting her body into […]