Spring Gillard

Haz Mat

In the mid-1990s, I became interested in what was then a relatively new phenomenon, genetically modified foods, an industry ripe with politics. Although it was never directly part of my work at City Farmer, I took the subject on as a side interest. I began to collect newspaper clippings, friends passed them on to […]

Hooked on The Tyee

Many years ago, a man named David Beers worked at the Vancouver Sun. He created a section for the newspaper called The Mix. It was exactly that, an eclectic mix of writing, with a beautifully designed layout. People bought the paper just to read The Mix. When David left, Jim Sutherland took over as editor […]

High Tech Words from a Low Tech Man

When I was writing the chapter on genetically modified foods for my latest book, I came across this great quote from Dr. David Suzuki, Canadian geneticist, broadcaster and local hero. “Any scientist who tells you [GM foods are] safe is either very stupid or deliberately lying.” (Common Ground Magazine, December, 1999).

When I contacted Dr. […]