Food for the Future

Feb10_Food_for_the_Future_RallyThere’s an important event coming up that some of you may be able to attend. Here’s the press release with more information.

February 2014 marks the 40th birthday of the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR), created to protect farmland across BC for agriculture. Only 5% of the landbase of our mountainous province is protected in the ALR, and now the BC Government is considering drastic changes to erode the reserve and the autonomy of the commission entrusted to protect it.

British Columbians from all walks of life need a reliable supply of farmland to grow food now and for the future – particularly as the benefits of local food systems and the challenges of global transport become clear.

We therefore encourage you to mark your calendar and attend the Food for the Future Family Day Rally with your family, neighbours, co-workers and friends on February 10 @ 12 Noon – the day before the BC Legislature opens. Please share this message with all your contacts, join the event on Facebook, and distribute leaflets and posters in your community. If you belong to a farm organization, school PAC, church group, labour union or other association, you can endorse the Rally and promote it to members.

Together, we will save the Agricultural Land Reserve and support farmers and food systems. See you on Feb 10!

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