Mending Circle


I’ve written about how I hate mending, so when I saw a notice for a mending meet-up, it really appealed to me. It was organized by Mary, a member of my Kits Village. She writes in her notice:

Bring along that basket of clothes that need mending. Sit down, thread your needle & sew that button on. Ask someone to help pin up that hem. Sew the patches on those sweater elbows. The possibilities are endless! It’s more fun to do chores with company! We will have thread, buttons, scissors, needles, ironing board and iron on hand, as well as a sewing machine for you to use if you know how. Advice freely given, but you will have to do your mending yourself.

The event was made possible by a Neighbourhood Small Grant from the Vancouver Foundation, administered by Kitsilano Neighbourhood House. So many lovely community events coming out of those neighbourhood grants.

Sadly, I missed the mending meet-up because my school work was piled as high as my mending.

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