Behind the Scenes

I heard two beautiful stories in the last couple weeks. The first was about a woman who volunteers at the Hob, the boutique thrift shop operated by the Vancouver Hospice Society. Several days a week, for several hours a day, she works in the back of the store, sorting through the many bags of clothing that are dropped off. She takes clothing home, launders, irons, mends – whatever is required, before the clothes are put out in the store. No one ever sees her.

I heard about the other woman while sitting in the dentist’s chair. Three years ago, she invited her niece to Sunday dinner. The niece had just arrived in town to attend UBC. She invited her back the following week. The niece called to see if she could bring a friend. The next week, the niece had a few friends who wanted to come along. And so it went. The woman now hosts about 20 students from all over the world every Sunday. My dental assistant asked her, “Guess you’re not serving mac and cheese?” “Well, if I do,” she replied, “it’s gorgonzola.” She says she probably could have bought a car with the money she’s spent, but she wouldn’t trade her Sunday kids for anything.

Two women, quietly working behind the scenes, impacting lives.

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