Comes a Time

Every morning I read an entry from Words To Live By from author Eknath Easwaran. The subtitle on the edition I have is: A Daily Guide to Leading an Exceptional Life. The readings regularly inspire and uplift me. And although I read it year after year, some entries resonate more than others, depending on what’s happening for me and the world around me. The January 6th entry really struck me this year. It seems to be what many of us are feeling right now. The Occupy Movement is one way those feelings are being expressed. Here is the excerpt:

There comes a time in the growth of civilizations, as with individuals, when the life-and-death questions of material existence have been answered, yet the soul still thirsts and physical challenges cease to satisfy. Then we stand at a crossroads, for without meaningful aspiration, the human being turns destructive. Like a snake that must shed its skin to grow, our industrial civilization must shed its material outlook or strangle in outgrown ideals whose constructive potential has been spent.

– Eknath Easwaran, Words To Live By (Nilgiri Press, 2005)

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