Spring Gillard

Cooling the Jets


I was working on my thesis all day. What kept me going was the thought of sinking into the hot tub at the Aquatic Centre late afternoon and getting a good shoulder massage with the powerful jets. But when I got there, the hot tub was semi-disabled. There was a ‚Äúsubstantial […]

Already Forgotten?

I’m sitting here listening to all the Remembrance Day coverage on TV. Every November 11th we honour the fallen by remembering them. We remember how many brave men and women we have lost, and continue to lose. I believe the underlying purpose is so that we remember how terrible war is, so that we don’t […]

Comes a Time

Every morning I read an entry from Words To Live By from author Eknath Easwaran. The subtitle on the edition I have is: A Daily Guide to Leading an Exceptional Life. The readings regularly inspire and uplift me. And although I read it year after year, some entries resonate more than others, depending on what’s […]