Spring Gillard

Top Banana

I made banana muffins yesterday morning. The smell in my apartment was heavenly; eating one warm from the oven with a dash of butter is divine. I use the Laurel’s Kitchen banana bread recipe, but scoop the batter into muffin tins instead. Then I can freeze them and just take a couple out as needed. […]

Too Many Papas

I’ve just returned from the Okanagan and my fridge is bursting with fresh local fruit and vegetables. Plus the beans at my community garden, barely producing when I left, are now growing at warp speed. I need to act fast so my compost bin doesn’t wind up with the goods. I made […]

Greens Machine

I am having trouble keeping up on all the produce from the three gardens I’m tending this summer. A tiny one on my balcony, the collaborative one at Kits House and the community one at the Pine Street Garden. Even though I am sharing with friends and neighbours, I feel like all I’m doing is […]