Spring Gillard

Something’s Rotten in Compost City

I just published my latest book on-line with Smashwords: Something’s Rotten in Compost City, A Primer on the Politics of Food. It’s been a long time coming. In some ways this book picks up where my last book left off. It’s an account of my life after leaving City Farmer, a non-profit urban agriculture group […]

Productive Landscapes

I am leading a tour to the University of British Columbia (UBC) Farm on Hallowe’en. Some of you may know the long struggle that has been going on to save that farm, the only remaining market farm in the city. The administration wants to pave it and put up some condos. The entire campus has […]

Feeding Ourselves: How Do We Fare on the West Side?

You may have heard the term “food security” tossed around over your mesclun salad mix. You may even know what it means. Or think you know. So what the heck does it mean? To me, it means that everyone in a community has consistent and adequate access to healthy, nutritious, culturally appropriate food without ever […]