Spring Gillard

Corner Store Food

Caught a clip on TV about a healthy corner store initiative happening in my neck of the woods. The Western Convenience Store Association (WCSA) has launched a collaborative effort to bring healthier food choices to its member convenience stores. While there have been one-offs across Canada, mostly by non-profits, it is great to see the […]

Food For All

Last Sunday, 60 Minutes featured a group of families near Orlando, Florida who are now living in their cars or in cheap motels. Entire families are crammed into one room, while their foreclosed homes sit empty. The school bus stops in front of the motels now to pick up the kids, who often sit in […]

Corner Store Makeover

When I think of a corner store, I usually think milk, macaroni and junk food. In my mind, corner stores should not to be confused with green grocers, there are several excellent locations in my neighbourhood. But there is a corner store renaissance happening. A group of university students in San Francisco worked with a […]

Fresh Food in a Food Desert

We got some funding through United Way to do a series of pocket markets this season. It is an interesting juggling act trying to support local farmers and still make the food affordable to seniors on fixed incomes. We had our first market a week ago and bought way too much food, but the leftovers […]