Spring Gillard

Show Pigeons

When I worked for City Farmer we ran a contest for the best food garden in Vancouver. We visited a lot of gardens and in the back corners of many yards we found “show pigeons.” Back then, that was a fancy name for chickens. In those days, it was illegal to have chickens in the […]

Bawk-yard Compost

On Friday, Tamara and I were setting up displays at community centres and neighbourhood houses in our three backyard composting pilot neighbourhoods. In between sites, we made a pit stop at her place. In addition to needing some water, she wanted me to meet the girls. Lemon, Puff (the one with the fascinator), Hako and […]

A Chicken in Every Garage

Now that the City of Vancouver is moving ahead with allowing chickens in backyards, I thought it would be fun to revisit the chapter on chickens from my last book. My book was published in 2003. It’s amazing to see how much has changed and how far we’ve come! And not just with chickens, but […]