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carstopsI spent a few days on Mayne Island this week. I stayed at the Mayne Island Resort, a lovely spot right on Bennett Bay. I passed my days walking on a nearby forest trail, beachcombing, soaking in the hot tub, exploring the waterfront neighbourhood, swimming in the indoor pool, and doing a lot of school reading. The sea lions were a highlight; you could hear them roaring from an island three miles out. The hotel had set up a telescope and camera so guests could see them projected on a large TV screen.

There’s an excellent bistro on site and a well-stocked Farm Market a brisk walk away, so the food was all fresh and delicious. While I didn’t have a car, I was not stranded. The hotel owner picked me up and took me back to the ferry, but there’s another very good way to get around—car stops. When I first saw the little cars on the map, I thought they were viewpoints. On further investigation I saw that it was the local transit system. What a great idea! People have stickers on their cars so you can even hop a ride right on the ferry. This was a very short trip so I didn’t have time to try the service, but I will take advantage of the car stops on my return. And I will return, soon. Mayne Island (and the resort) is now on my list of fave stops where I can come to a full stop and soak up the negative ions.

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