Wedding Connections


I Skype with my young nephews quite frequently. Half the time they’re running in and out of my view during the “conversation,” but it’s still lovely to connect. I feel like I’m part of their lives, even though I only see them in person a few times a year. Recently the eldest one, he’s nine, emailed me to say, “Auntie, can we Skype?” Made my day. We not only had a conversation, we fired instant messages back and forth for another 10 minutes after shutting down the video. “Bye.” “Bye-bye.” “No, I’m really going now.” “K.” “Seriously, I’m signing off.” “LOL” And on it went.

My friend Jan told me a sweet story about how technology is even making weddings more accessible. A friend of her son’s was getting married. His grandmother wasn’t mobile enough to make the trip. So, friends set up a computer in her home and one at the wedding venue. On the morning of the wedding, the son’s mother logged on to Skype and found her mother already sitting in front of the computer. She was dressed in her finest with a string of pearls around her neck.

“Mom, you’re all dressed up,” said her daughter. “Well, you don’t think I’d show up at my grandson’s wedding in my housecoat, do you?” said the grandmother.

And speaking of weddings, congratulations to Brooke and Ben who were married in Little Rock, Arkansas this weekend!

When love unites with technology, the results can be very powerful.

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