A Harvest in Every Home

Not having a balcony is no longer an excuse for not growing some of your own food. There’s a very cool little company in Vancouver called Home Harvest Farms. They design and manufacture a variety of indoor garden planters made from stainless steel and aluminum. I’ve seen the set up at farmers markets and other local events. The tiered structures allow for intensive growing so you can have greens, tomatoes, herbs all year round. At your fingertips. In a corner of your studio apartment. In your bathroom for that matter. No need to step onto a balcony. No need for a balcony (which I am currently without). The gardens come in various sizes along with seeds, soils and accessories, like Grow Lights. Home Harvest will be set up at the BC Home and Garden Show at BC Place Stadium from Febuary 22 through 26. Check them out.

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