Casting a Vote for All

I just got back from voting in my municipal election. Every time I vote I get choked up. I guess it’s that “rush of democracy” as one Facebook friend described it this morning.

I remember when I was growing up, my parents would always get dressed up to go vote. There was this solemnity about the day and an aura of importance. Just by their example, they instilled in me the privilege it is to vote and I never fail to exercise my right at all levels of government.

When I was entering my polling station, I noticed a sign on the door: shelter open tonight. St. Mark’s Lutheran/Trinity United church is also one of the winter shelters in our city that keeps people warm and gives them a bed. They also feed people every Thursday through the year.

When you vote today, think about which candidates will, in author Paul Hawken’s words, “create the conditions conducive to life,” for everyone, all one hundred percent.


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