Bread and Brains

My friend Robert Ouimet is the man behind my blog curtain. Former CBC Radio producer and new media wiz, this guy fell from the sky into my life, right when I needed a web site. He also produces Can Urban Agriculture Save the World? – “ the podcast I do with David Tracey.

Aside from collecting authors, Robert has created a number of cool sites including his own blog, Big Snit and a sustainable living venue called VanGoGreen. His latest is something called Brainpicker. It works like this, he sees something in a blog post, twitter tweet or facebook page, and he calls the person up to ‘pick their brain’ about what they wrote. Of course he records the conversation. He liked my Embreaded post, so he called me up. He shares my passion for  Terra Breads, although clearly in a more salacious way. Have a listen.


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