Can Urban Agriculture Save the World?

David Tracey and I are doing a series of podcasts, exploring the question: Can Urban Agriculture Save the World?

David is an environmental designer and author of Guerilla Gardening, A Manualfesto (New Society 2007). You know who I am and what I wrote, I hope. But just in case, it was Diary of a Compost Hotline Operator, Edible Essays on City Farming (also New Society! 2003, so old they’ve now dropped me and you can only get it on my web site!)

Our first podcast finds us Up on a Roof at the downtown YWCA with Ted Cathcart. Ted is the facilities manager, but he used to work at UBC Farm . In fact he and a few students actually started the farm. Which is why when he arrived at the Y, he, other staffers and maybe a few crows pulled up all the ornamentals and started growing food.

The food garden now delivers healthy nutritious food to women at Crabtree corner, one of the YW’s programs for mothers and their families on the impoverished downtown eastside.

Runs 18:15


podcast and photo © Bigsnit Media Consulting Inc. podcast ISBN 978-0-9809054-9-6


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