Spring Gillard

Fish Crossing

Tofino has added a dash of art to their crosswalks. Rumour has it First Nations artist, Roy Vickers will have a hand in the next ones. Vickers has a wonderful gallery in downtown Tofino.

Middle Beach Moment

I suppose it is fitting that in the year I choose Middle Path as my theme, that I find myself at Middle Beach Lodge on a very middle-aged birthday. I am at a crossroads, it feels more like a whole new book, than a new chapter. And so here I am in Tofino, contemplating my […]

As the Worm Turns in Tofino

Many years ago I delivered a worm bin to a cousin of mine who lives in Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver Island. I don’t think the worms survived the first winter. I’m heading there this week and will be blogging about the community’s sustainability efforts. I have already been snooping around on a […]