Spring Gillard

Bag O Taters

I’m trying out one of the grow bags to grow some potatoes this year. I used the Geopot, but there are others on the market. The porous fabric bag allows moisture to drain out easily and provides good air flow for roots too. I put a couple inches of soil on the bottom of the […]

Leading by Example

Some wise Sunday thoughts from EE.

Loving someone does not mean automatically acquiescing to their every whim. Sometimes love shows itself in saying no to an attitude or desire that is harmful. But your opposing must be done tenderly, without anger or condescension. This is a difficult art.

Go slowly. Remember that […]

Building Energy

Thanks to the City of Vancouver’s Greenest City newsletter for this post.

Vancouver’s rezoning policy, updated in June 2014, now recognizes Passive House as a compliance option. Rezoned lots, like the 3-6 story apartment buildings on Hastings or townhomes along Cambie, are great for the surrounding community because greater density helps public transit work and […]

Clean the Green

I pulled this little notice from the City of Vancouver’s Greenest City newsletter. This annual month long event is a great way to meet your neighbours and help to keep our “green city” clean. There are several other greening events listed below as well. Happy Earth Day!

Keep Vancouver Spectacular (KVS) celebrates 20 years […]

City Birds

If you haven’t seen the heron colony in Stanley Park, it is well worth a visit. There are other city birds worth tweeting about too. Some of them are listed in this announcement of the recently launched City Bird Campaign in the Greenest City newsletter.

Stanley Park is home to one of North America’s largest […]

Got Milkweed?

Photo: Houston Museum of Natural Science

Riffing on the Got Milk campaign, the David Suzuki Foundation has launched the Got Milkweed campaign in an effort to help save the dwindling monarch butterfly population. Female monarchs lay their eggs on milkweed plants which also provide food for the caterpillars. Milkweed has nearly been wiped […]

State of the Soil

Woody Tasch, Founder of Slow Money, on the perilous state of our soil. This is from his address at Food + Enterprise in Brooklyn, New York this past February.

We are strong in terms of tillage, but weak in terms of fertility.

We are strong measured in chemical and mechanical power—millions and millions of tons […]

Hunger Cure

There is hunger for ordinary bread, and there is hunger for love, for kindness, for thoughtfulness; and this is the great poverty that makes people suffer so much.

– Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Our modern civilization is so physically oriented that when we hear the word hunger, we immediately think of vitamins and […]

Corporate Bullies

When I worked at City Farmer, we and the community gardeners along the railway tracks, co-existed somewhat peacefully with Canadian Pacific (CP) Railway. Back then the corporation worked with the community, steaming the weeds along the tracks in order not to contaminate the gardens. One day, when they began chopping the blackberries, we were able […]

Show Pigeons

When I worked for City Farmer we ran a contest for the best food garden in Vancouver. We visited a lot of gardens and in the back corners of many yards we found “show pigeons.” Back then, that was a fancy name for chickens. In those days, it was illegal to have chickens in the […]