Spring Gillard

Garden in the Village

Sweet little container garden in the middle of Olympic Village. There’s no sign, so don’t know the story behind it. Anyone?

Canada Grows

A colleague sent out this excerpt from Stats Can this week. A lot of us are growing food. Too bad about the continued use of pesticides, even though they’ve been banned for cosmetic use in many jurisdictions. There’s some great information on natural yard and garden care here.

Canadians and Nature: Around the home, 2013


Garden State

Ever wish you hadn’t started a project? Can’t even begin to imagine how it will ever be done? That’s the state of my balcony garden and my thesis at the moment. The long weekend just won’t be long enough I’m afraid.

Earth Mothers

Thanks to my mother for my love of the earth, and all its glorious gardens.

I’m going to plant a heart in the Earth water it with love from a vein. I’m going to praise it with the push of muscle and care for it in the sound of all dimensions. I’m going to leave […]

Bag O Taters

I’m trying out one of the grow bags to grow some potatoes this year. I used the Geopot, but there are others on the market. The porous fabric bag allows moisture to drain out easily and provides good air flow for roots too. I put a couple inches of soil on the bottom of the […]

Got Milkweed?

Photo: Houston Museum of Natural Science

Riffing on the Got Milk campaign, the David Suzuki Foundation has launched the Got Milkweed campaign in an effort to help save the dwindling monarch butterfly population. Female monarchs lay their eggs on milkweed plants which also provide food for the caterpillars. Milkweed has nearly been wiped […]

Tropical Dreams

My Dad and brother left for Mexico this morning. Even though our winter has been very mild and surprisingly sunny, I am still dreaming of tropical climes. It helped when I stumbled across this palm tree on my walk today. A windmill palm is perfectly happy growing in northern environments. The palm trees sprout yellow […]

Feast Bowl

A group of people from the UBC Learning Exchange went to Feast Bowl this past month. It’s a fabulous monthly community meal, with freshly grown ingredients harvested from the Indigenous Health Education and Research Garden at UBC Farm. Staff, students, faculty and community members prepare and share the meal together at the First Nations Longhouse. […]

Cooking with Three Sisters

Looks like a fabulous workshop this weekend at UBC Farm with the Mayan gardeners. A Three Sisters garden contains squash and beans and corn. You will be working with those garden fresh ingredients in the kitchen. Here’s the info.

Traditional Maya Cooking Workshop

Members of the Maya-in-Exile Garden at the UBC Farm invite you […]


I booked a compost workshop at my community garden for tonight – before I knew I was getting a new, full time job. So the question was, do I cart all of my composting supplies with me to work or try to rush home before heading to the garden for 6pm. I decided that carrying […]