Spring Gillard

Transport Yourself

The SFU Centre for Dialogue and Carbon Talks team have been working on Metro Vancouver transportation issues for a number of months now. They are currently gathering information in order to develop a campaign that will succeed in securing sustainable funding for transportation in the region. They developed a survey with the support of Dr. […]


Received this lovely message in an electronic postcard from the Blue Mountain Centre of Meditation. Wise words from Eknath Easwaran on the power of being gentle. You can watch the short video clip here.

In my vocabulary, gentle is a very beautiful word. I find gentle people so beautiful, so good to be […]

Whirling Trash

They haven’t found the Malaysian Airlines plane yet, but they have found a lot of garbage during the search. Several large whirlpools in the Indian ocean trap the trash. Read more on the CBC News post here.

Mini Melons

This vine produces tiny little watermelons that taste like lime infused cucumbers. I wasn’t able to find the seeds online at West Coast Seeds, my usual seed outlet. They are available at Rare Seeds though. I saw that someone had successfully grown them in Washington state, so assume we can grow them here. […]

Bee Orchid

Thanks again to Green Renaissance on Facebook for another fabulous photo. This is the Bee Orchid (Ophrys apifera). A strangely beautiful and exotic way to say Happy Easter!

Meerkat Lookout

Saw this on Facebook this week. Will Burrard-Lucas is a wildlife photographer. He was shooting meerkats in Botswana when one decided it needed a better vantage point. Check out this photographer’s website. He’s got some great shots, a wonderful blog post and video of these curious critters.


How Green is Your Landlord?

Here’s a great offer for landlords and property managers who want to green up their buildings. Spotted this item in the Greenest City newsletter this week. Here it is in full.

There is now a convenient way for even more landlords to increase the value of their properties while reducing operating costs. The […]

Desert Breath

This art installation in the Sahara Desert took my breath away. Desert Breath as it’s called was created by Danae Stratou (installation artist), Alexandra Stratou (industrial designer & architect) and Stella Konstantinidis (architect) in 1997. The land art project extends over an area of 100.000 m2 and touches the Red Sea, the two […]

Dance Walk

Space is shared by both dance and architecture as a medium either to frame or to express conceptual, emotional and also very concrete ideas. How do artists and architects experience, understand, consider, think, use space?

– Mirna Zagar, Executive Director, The Dance Centre, Dance Aesthetics: The Significance of Space

I […]

Tropical Art Tour

I had some time between meetings up at UBC yesterday, so I popped in on two art exhibits. The first one is called Hawaii Beyond the Wave, Hawaii Beyond the Postcard. The travelling exhibit is an ethnographic field study on land use, food production and genetically modified foods on the island of Kauai. Artist Mascha […]