Spring Gillard

Street Food Servings

I was in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for a couple of weeks during the winter of 1987. Every morning I bought a delicious, fresh fruit cup from the street vendor outside my little hotel in the the centre of what was then a small fishing village. A trip to the local bakery up the road […]

Green Homing Device

I stayed at the conference hotel while in Portland, called the DoubleTree. I noticed the compost bin in the lobby right away and realized this was no ordinary hotel. In my room the little garbage cans were split in two, one side for recyclables, the other for non. Tying in with our food policy conference, […]

Portland Green Scenes

Sorting out from my trip to Portland. I’ll be writing about the many highlights of the Community Food Security Coalition Food Policy conference in the coming weeks. Here are a few reasons why Portland is giving Vancouver (BC, not the one across the river from Portland) a run for our money in terms of being […]

Food Train Snippets

Heading to Portland. Car 7. Conversations about regional food strategy with Theresa from Metro Van. The latest on the Vancouver Food Policy Council from Joanne. About twenty Canadians registered for this Community Food Security Coalition Conference (From Neighborhood to Nation). Six hundred coming from all over North America. Musical chairs. Ours was the communal table. […]

Grass As Green on Both Sides

Yesterday I walked over to my community garden plot. I had planted it up a couple weeks ago and was anticipating a lot of growth. I was disappointed to see very little activity, except for all the grass around the plot that I’m supposed to keep mowed. Beans, lettuce, radishes, carrots, kale, where are you? […]

Guerilla Knitting

Look what I came across on Commercial Drive in Vancouver last week! Stopped me in my tracks. At first glance I thought it was community public art – a functional art piece similar to my Bike Tree. Then when I looked closer, bike rack cozy came to mind. Way to dress up a boring looking […]

Worm Rescuer

Yesterday in that brief sunny respite from the pelting rain and hail, I dashed out for a walk. The approaching black clouds told me it wouldn’t be long before the torrents returned, so it would have to be a fast walk. As I stepped into the back alley, I glanced down. And there was a […]

Klippers Organic Acres

Award-winning is probably the best descriptor for Kevin and Annamarie Klippenstein. These two young farmers have been chalking up nominations and awards aplenty in the last few years, the latest of which is the 2011 BC and Yukon Outstanding Young Farmers. They were finalists in 2005 through 2007. The awards in those years went to […]