Spring Gillard

Restoring Systems

It’s that time again – time to start putting my mind to the SFU Applications Course, part of the Sustainable Community Development Certificate Program. This year our three day field class will be only two days. Don’t worry, the course will still be jam-packed with engaging models of sustainability. The reason for this is that […]

Composting 101

I’m all about compost again these days. Decided it might be time to do a little review on the basics of composting.

First of all, the bin. If you’re using a plastic one, make it more rodent resistant by placing a sheet of hardware cloth under the bin to keep rodents from burrowing up. 16- […]

A Providential Visit

I was speaking in Duncan last night and spent today with friends enjoying the Cowichan Valley. We didn’t have time to visit all the many farms featured in the Cowichan Green Community Food Map. So we picked the top one on my list: Providence Farm. They call themselves a therapeutic community. The working organic farm […]

Community Composting

I swore I wasn’t going to become an organizer at my community garden. I would attend the monthly work parties, but that would be it. I just wanted to garden, have my own compost bin, mind my own beeswax. That lasted about a week. I noticed on the day I was assigned my plot that […]

Feeding Ourselves: How Do We Fair?

I’m speaking in Duncan on Vancouver Island next Tuesday night. It’s the annual general meeting (AGM) for the Cowichan Green Community, an environmental group with a food security focus. At first I thought I’d haul out my current talk: Feeding Ourselves: How Do We Fare? I have a handout that accompanies that talk: 12 Things […]

Middle Path Gardening

Every year I pick a theme. It’s always amazing to me how the second I choose the lens through which I will view my life, the lessons rush in. This year it’s middle path. I tend to be a fast or binge type in many areas of my life. So learning how to walk […]

Canucks Food Policy

Although I am very actively engaged in food security work at the local, regional and sometime provincial level, I have paid little attention to what’s happening federally. So while I did file away the emails I was getting from Food Secure Canada about the national food policy that they were helping to develop as part […]

Bawk-yard Compost

On Friday, Tamara and I were setting up displays at community centres and neighbourhood houses in our three backyard composting pilot neighbourhoods. In between sites, we made a pit stop at her place. In addition to needing some water, she wanted me to meet the girls. Lemon, Puff (the one with the fascinator), Hako and […]

Backyard Composting Gets a Boost

I’m (happy, happy) working with a team from EBA Engineering to conduct three backyard composting pilots for the City of Vancouver. Vancouver now allows residents living in single family dwellings to put food scraps into their yard waste bins, but they don’t want everyone to stop composting. In fact, they hope more people start composting, […]