Spring Gillard

Behind the Scenes

I heard two beautiful stories in the last couple weeks. The first was about a woman who volunteers at the Hob, the boutique thrift shop operated by the Vancouver Hospice Society. Several days a week, for several hours a day, she works in the back of the store, sorting through the many […]

Why I Brought a Hula Hoop to My Poster Conference

For an assignment this week, I am presenting my research topic at an academic poster session. My classmates are presenting along with some PhD students. Faculty and staff from our educational studies department have been invited and are bound to ask us hard-hitting questions that we have no idea how to answer. […]

The Orchard Garden

Most people in the lower mainland have heard about UBC Farm, but many probably haven’t yet heard about the Orchard Garden. The garden is in the middle of the UBC campus, on a one acre plot of land behind the MacMillan Building, a project of Land and Food Systems. According to the […]

Pranee Nam Café

Recently, I attended an event put on by the Westside Food Collaborative held at Heart Attack & Vine, a café in Kitsilano. The event announcement was intriguing; it said we would be hearing the owner’s story. I can never resist a story. Seven of us gathered around a couple of tables. Pranee, owner […]

Poster Child

I will be presenting my research topic during a poster session at an upcoming class. Even though I barely know what that topic is yet, I’ve been attempting to put a poster together over the past few days. At our last class, I learned that a poster that I might create for an advertising campaign […]

Salmon in Still Creek!

In September, I walked along Still Creek with a group of students during my SFU course. In Renfrew Ravine Park, the creek flows above ground through a beautiful urban forest. But we also traced its route below ground, beneath the asphalt. The City of Vancouver has been very creative in their efforts to bring this […]

Shouting but Not Being Heard

In my search for a research topic, I stumbled upon eco-linguistics, an emerging field that studies language within both a social and ecological context. Sounds like it could be a good fit for me. My interest in the language of sustainability springs from my own background and lifelong fascination with words and language. My career […]

Already Forgotten?

I’m sitting here listening to all the Remembrance Day coverage on TV. Every November 11th we honour the fallen by remembering them. We remember how many brave men and women we have lost, and continue to lose. I believe the underlying purpose is so that we remember how terrible war is, so that we don’t […]

Composting Technologies

A year ago, a colleague and I conducted a study for Metro Vancouver on seven composting systems that would be suitable for apartment buildings, condominiums and co-operatives. We studied the systems in operation in a range of multi-family settings. The technologies included a traditional three bin wood and wire system from a […]

Syllabi Blues

I attended an American Community Gardening conference in Toronto one year. There were some academics there talking a blue streak, foci flying fast and furious. I ended up poking fun at this plural form of focus during my keynote speech. I never wanted to be someone who casually tossed out Latin nouns. […]