Spring Gillard

The Spin on Urban Agriculture

Can urban agriculture save the world? My friend David Tracey (Guerilla Gardening, A Manualfesto, New Society, 2007) and I did a series of podcasts that attempted to answer that question. All of our guests (there have only been three to date – a roof top farmer , an urban farmer, and a uniquely local corner […]

West Side Coffee and Chocolate Tour

Wed. July 7, 6 to 8pm

Join me on this delicious walking tour of coffee and chocolate – my two favourite food groups. And thankfully, we have plenty of both on the west side of Vancouver. We’ll visit Buen Café, a fair trade coffee shop and Capers/Whole Foods Market, to hear about the […]

Sharing Food in Toronto

A few years ago, I was the keynote speaker at the American Community Garden Association annual conference, held in Toronto. The organizers put together a fabulous event. One of the activities was a tour of FoodShare with Executive Dynamo Debbie Field. That was really my first introduction to this amazing group. They were trailblazers then […]

Should We Throw Stones at Glass Houses?

Many years ago I made the choice to buy local and organic. But I do buy BC Hot House cucumbers, peppers and even tomatoes. But the greenhouse debate is on-going. Here are some of the pros and cons.

The pros are that greenhouses use only .01 % of BC’s total farmland and yet account for […]

Granville Island – Gourmet Grub or Food Hub?

Wed. June 23rd, 6pm to 8pm

A food hub is the emerging concept coming out of food security circles. It is a center of food activity and might include a farmers’ market, community gardens, commercial kitchen where small producers can process their foods or where people can gather to prepare meals together. Some food hubs […]


It is interesting to look back at the history of the organic egg industry here in light of the current struggle organic milk producers are having. More persecution of the small.

Fred Reid was an organic egg producer, the largest in BC, with a healthy customer base. His operation, Olera Farms went organic in 1986. […]

Mole Hill

Mole Hill is one of my favourite Vancouver neighbourhoods. It’s a David and Goliath story of how residents and many groups battled for years against all odds (and the City) to make this happen. They won. It is still a great model of sustainable development. The City agrees. In fact to hear them talk now, […]

Biting the Land that Feeds Us

A couple years ago I was actively involved in the fight to save Formosa Farm from being paved. We lost. The Pitt Meadows municipal government along with the same characters involved in the first travesty, are now trying to put in the second road that I mention in this chapter from my new book. That […]

Exploring Neighbourhood Food Systems

I’m doing another summer tour series, breaking out of my own neighbourhood this time.

Eating it Up in the West End

Sat. June 12, 10am to 12noon

What is edible landscaping? Are back alleys and school grounds potential food production sites? How does a farmers’ market fit into a neighbourhood? Join author Spring Gillard and […]