Spring Gillard

Little Lost Zucchini

I went to water my sad little garden the other night. I have reseeded so many times this year I have lost count. It looks like the only thing I’m growing is soil. The gluttonous bamboo thriving on the other side of the fence is eating and drinking on my side. Nothing will grow on […]

Top Banana

I made banana muffins yesterday morning. The smell in my apartment was heavenly; eating one warm from the oven with a dash of butter is divine. I use the Laurel’s Kitchen banana bread recipe, but scoop the batter into muffin tins instead. Then I can freeze them and just take a couple out as needed. […]

Dig This

Dug this old T-shirt out of a drawer today. Steve Frillman, the ED of the Green Guerillas in NYC gave it to me when I paid them a visit. The Green Guerillas were my inspiration for getting involved with urban agriculture. The organization ignited the community garden movement in the 1970s. Steve gave me two […]

Tracking Threats

Canadian Pacific (CP) Rail posted this sign along the 11 km railway tracks on Vancouver’s westside this week. Community gardens line what is known as the Arbutus Corridor. The tracks haven’t been in use since 2001, except for dogwalkers, gardeners and evening strollers. There has been a long battle between the City and CP about […]

Dressed for the Hunt

My friend Linda and I went to the Folk Festival on Friday evening. Although we both love music, it was the shopping we had in mind. She was looking for a dress. I was on the hunt for dressy tees. We didn’t have tickets, so we were restricted to the Craft Village outside the fence. […]

Clay Art

I first came across this young potter at the Khatsahlano Festival. Sophia Kim is a grad of Emily Carr. Love her shapes and textures and earthy palette. I took her card, then the very next day I saw her again at the Ladner Farmer’s Market. Must mean I have to buy that bowl I had […]

Sea-Witching Time

When I was doing my undergrad at University of Victoria, I became captivated by the poetry of Susan Musgrave. In particular it was her volume called Songs of the Sea-Witch that spoke to me. They were what she calls “sea-sad,” “loamishly sad.” Her tragic tales and romantic lines appealed to my passionate young heart. I […]

Flipping the Flop

My friend Elizabeth and I went walking in the tide pools at a beach in Tsawwassen today. I had flip flops on and the pressure of the water was too much for them. I blew my left toe thong­ – ripped the cloth between my toes right out of the sole. When we got back […]

Suspending Fear

A friend and I were going for a walk in nature last weekend. One of the options was Lynn Valley. The other area on the table was Pacific Spirit Park and up around UBC. I was secretly hoping it wouldn’t be Lynn Canyon Park because I did not want to be climbing any steep trails […]

Stair-ing into Space

Saw this wonderful, practical staircase on Facebook this week, via Green Renaissance. Someone commented that it might be dangerous if one of the drawers slipped open, but the latches on the right look pretty secure. Great space saving idea!