Spring Gillard


Like it isn’t scary enough going to the chiropractor. This alien greeted me when I went for an adjustment recently. This is his season, which, with the whole skeleton thing, I guess I get. I’ve never seen an office so elaborately decked out for the Halloween season, including treats.

I have learned a […]

Turning the Tables

I was doing some research on the green economy recently, specifically green jobs for marginalized populations. I came across Dark Table, a Vancouver restaurant that turns a “dis”-ability into a unique selling proposition (to use advertising lingo). Turns out, blind dining is a hot trend in cities around the world. With a 70% […]

Box of Greenwash

When I was at my fave eastside pizzeria recently, they put my leftovers in an earth-friendly looking box. I decided to see if it was compostable. It was called the Bioplus Earth #3, made by Fold-Pak. To give the product even more credibility, it was endorsed by the Green Restaurant Association, an American national […]

Cheque Up


Downtown Vancouver – 2 miles from Home

Patients receive a snapshot of their health

and fitness levels with advice on how to

improve them at this downtown Vancouver medical clinic.

C$279 C$79.99

I saw this deal on Groupon yesterday. I guess private […]

Good Books, in Theory

We should take care not to make the intellect our god; it has, of course, powerful muscles, but no personality.

– Albert Einstein

The teachings of great spiritual figures such as the Buddha are practical, not theoretical. The Buddha will say beautifully, “I have no theories.” It’s one of his most […]

Picnic Perspective

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Every summer I look forward to picnics at the beach. I have my own picnic basket. I love eating outdoors by the water’s edge. This summer I joined friends at the Spanish Banks extension beach; it’s the furthest beach before you head up the hill to UBC. It’s also known […]

A New Story

In the early 1990s, a friend introduced me to a magazine called In Context. The subtitle was A Quarterly of Humane Sustainable Culture. I have kept the copies I purchased in those years because each themed issue was full of interesting articles, inspiring projects and people. Some of the articles were written […]


I went for a walk in the gorgeous sunshine today and came across this scene at Kits Beach. Since the pool closed mid-September, the seagulls have moved in and taken over the deck, so the tanners had to find a new stage. The Kitsilano Showboat suits the purpose. Normally home to tiny ballerinas […]

Alice and Mulala, Two Short Stories

Photo credit: Derek Shapton


Yesterday Alice Munro was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature. Munro is one of Canada’s great writers and the first Canadian to receive the prize. She started her writing career later in life, choosing the challenging short story as her genre. She had dropped out of journalism school […]

Too Many Books

By reading too many books the mind becomes filled with other people’s thoughts and loses the capacity of thinking for itself. If book learning stimulates one’s thinking it is good, but if it destroys one’s capability to think then it is to be avoided.

– Ramakrishnananda. Ramakrishna As We Saw Him, by Chetanananda (Ed), […]