Spring Gillard

Granting Community

I went to my first community kitchen Wednesday night. It was held at a church right across the street from me, very convenient. Every two weeks we get fresh picked produce delivered from Yummy Yards, a local urban farm. Problem is, we don’t know what we’re getting until we get it. Makes […]


A couple weeks ago, I was planning to get together with friends for dinner. I suggested they come west as I’d been to the eastside the last couple of times. As I started to make a list of places we could go to eat, even I was bored. When I sent my five faves to […]

Recycling Desire

Many years ago, sculptor Davide Pan breathed life into a very rough concept I had for a garden gate at City Farmer. The gate used recycled gardening tools and was lifted up and down with pulleys. I wrote about that experience in the Diary in a chapter called Lust & Love at the Garden Gate. […]

The Coconut Bun Tour

In 2006 I was hired by the BC Ministry of Economic Development to develop and deliver a green building tour for a visiting delegation from Austria. They were a consortium of architects and green business leaders. One of the delegates owned a timber construction company specializing in building without glue and other chemicals. Another […]

Flowers for Food

You may have noticed a person selling flowers outside a movie theatre or somewhere else in your neighbourhood. I have bought a pink gerbera from the sweet lady who sells in front of the 5th Avenue Theatre a few times. She participates in the Street Outreach program of the Canadian Flowers for Food Society. Here’s […]

Rainy Day Recycling

Despite torrential rain on Saturday, like a true Vancouverite, I ventured out. I headed over to the monthly Beyond the Blue Box recycling event at Britannia Community Centre. I wanted to see the operation, as I’m hoping to help set one up at Kits Community Centre in my neighbourhood. I hauled a big garbage bag […]

Career Study

I attended Carmi Elementary School in Penticton. A wonderful school, full of mostly fabulous teachers. In Grade 7, I had Victor Wilson, father of Canadian filmmaker Sandy Wilson. He was a local historian and had a passion for theatre. He considered the Grade 7 curriculum pretty much a waste of time, so he offered […]

Guten Dog!

My friend Linda just returned from Germany. She was there for an outsider art exhibit, which you can read all about on her blog called Inside Outsider Art. She sent me some pictures of food vendors in Berlin. Now these vendors are mobile. They actually strap on a grill and carry it around all day. […]

Penticton Community Garden

Penticton has only one community garden, but it’s a vibrant one. The garden was started 13 years ago atop Vancouver hill. The original site had 26 plots; they have just added another 25, thanks to the City donating another chunk of land. Just like other community gardens, this one had a long waiting list. Even […]

Ad Sprout

I always thought that my motivation for getting into advertising was the book Subliminal Seduction, but it began earlier. I pulled out some old high school things from the dungeon recently and found this guidance class project we did on the media, including advertising. In my exercise book, I have a list of ways ads […]