Spring Gillard

Innovation Tills the Land

New farmers need access to land, but with diminishing farmland and the rising cost of land, it is getting harder and harder to get it. Farming someone else’s land is one solution. Groups like The Land Conservancy are buying up land and leasing it out to farmers through their Farmland Protection Projects program. There is […]

Homeland Security Messing with Food Security?

I went to San Francisco this past weekend. I hadn’t flown for awhile, so had forgotten what a gauntlet you have to run before even getting to the gate in the name of our safety. The security experts don’t seem to have factored in our health however, especially when it comes to food. Many airports […]

The Dirty Dozen

About seven years ago, a small brown dot appeared on my right cheek. I had a lot of moles on my body and my mom always called them beauty spots, so I wasn’t worried about it. I had also been assured by my doctor and other health practitioners, that it was nothing. “It’s flat and […]

Indigenous Food Systems

A couple years ago I attended the annual BC Food Systems Network conference and discovered that food security had become a hot topic in aboriginal communities. First Nations around the province were revisiting traditional diets, relying less on going to the grocery store and more on hunting, fishing and foraging. They were trading salmon for […]

Community Food Systems Course

Get connected to the Vancouver food security scene during this one-day course. Through a combination of mobile workshop, classroom presentations and discussions, participants will develop or expand their understanding of local food systems theory and application.

We will start by exploring the food system in a west side neighbourhood, evaluating both the assets and the […]

Spooky Spy Fest

Pink Delight photo by Karen Mouat

It’s apple fest season again. Thought I’d pull this one out of the archives in celebration. Apple festivals abound at this time of year. There’s a great one at Apple Luscious Organic Orchard on Salt Spring Island in early […]

Greenest City

I’m supposed to be at a greenest city event right now, but I’m nursing a cold and look a little green around the gills. So thought I would write about the ideas I was going to pitch tonight instead. First a bit of background, our Mayor, Gregor Robertson, wants us to be the greenest city […]

Bitterbine Hop Company

I don’t drink. So it came as a big surprise to be writing about beer and getting downright intoxicated by the story Sam Quinlan had to tell me. Sam and his business partner, Tim Hazard met at Simon Fraser University (SFU) where they were both working on their Masters. Not in brewing, but in wildlife […]