Spring Gillard

Demolishing Waste

They’ve started the balcony renovations on my building. The whole place is draped in blue tarps. It is an eerie, muted environment to live in, that is, the light is muted, not the sounds of demolition. I am forced to keep my drapes closed too; all day long I see shadowy men who walk on […]

Pink Slip

Before Christmas, my friend and I were downtown one evening and decided to go see the Christmas trees on display at the Four Seasons Hotel. The Festival of Trees is an annual fundraiser for the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. One tree caught my eye. It was called the Still Fabulous Tree. Still Fabulous is the […]

Comes a Time

Every morning I read an entry from Words To Live By from author Eknath Easwaran. The subtitle on the edition I have is: A Daily Guide to Leading an Exceptional Life. The readings regularly inspire and uplift me. And although I read it year after year, some entries resonate more than others, depending on what’s […]


I love reading book acknowledgements. They give another layer of information as to how the author went about creating the book and who helped along the way. Even though it is possible to download 30 percent of my new book for free, you won’t be able to see the Acknowledgements page. So I have decided […]

Celyddon Farms

After graduating from Animal Science at UBC fifteen years ago, Colin Hughes worked in the livestock industry, but that didn’t last too long. “I couldn’t bear the cruel and inhumane way animals were treated,” he said. He became a vegetarian and began to look for a different line of work. He was hired by BC […]

Mulch Fest

The first sign was the tinsel strewn along the path as I ran down to Kits Beach yesterday. Then the intoxicating scent of evergreen in the air and the distant drone of machinery. Christmas Tree Chipping weekend, of course. Lots of events on over the next couple of weekends in the lower mainland and I’m […]

Finally, Something Light

I’m in the hellish final throes of final report writing and in no mood for posting anything compost-related or in fact anything heavy in nature. And that’s final. Which is why I’m opting (some might call it a cop out) for a light-hearted joke about an environmentalist. I was invited out to a friend’s for […]


I went skating with a friend today at the outdoor rink in Robson Square. There is such joy in that simple, old-fashioned activity. It brought back many happy childhood memories of skating on ponds and in backyard rinks, figure skating lessons and holding hands with a boy during public sessions at the local arena.

Some […]