Spring Gillard

Living Roof

A friend and I were strolling along the waterfront downtown recently and I caught my first glimpse of the new-ish Vancouver Convention Centre green roof. I had never seen it from this angle. How wonderful that you can actually see this roof, unlike the one on the library that only an exclusive few […]

Zombie Apocalypse

There’s been a zombie outbreak in popular culture. Movies, books, and zombie apocalypse websites are all over the internet, perhaps inspired by the 2003 book by Max Brooks, The Zombie Survival Guide.

I attended a program management planning course recently. My team decided to design a bunker for the zombie […]

Trellis Venture

Recently, I needed a bag of Sea Soil to top up my community garden plot, so once again I employed my trusty wheels. At the garden store, I decided to get a trellis too. I was able to strap both bulky items on to my little trolley. I walked the full […]

Landscaped Islands

I have been doing some reading lately about community engagement and how universities are sometimes viewed as beautifully landscaped, isolated islands that are disconnected from the community. Yet, many academics are very involved in helping to solve real world issues, although their institutions rarely reward them for their efforts.

The […]

Lilacs & Learning

To the person who placed freshly cut lilacs on the table and on the windowsill in the common area in Ponderosa G just before my class last week. Thank you. So timely, so restorative!


Lessons from Mama Goose

I was at a meeting downtown recently and spotted this goose happily swimming in its very own pond. She seemed oblivious to all the downtown hustle bustle and deadlines. (It should be noted that I actually have no idea if this was a goose or a gander.) Super happy that my […]

Arbutus Café

I love this funky little café in my neighbourhood. It reminds me of a place I used to frequent in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec. Not only is the café atmosphere pleasant, but the owners have done an amazing job beautifying the boulevard. With all the community gardens along the nearby railway tracks, they’ve added nicely to […]

Pro-D Daze

One of the bonuses of being a grad student is participating in a vast array of professional development courses – for free! I would pay serious coin for similar ones “out in the world.” UBC is committed to getting its grad students employed post-degree. I’ve taken a number of courses already. So far, […]

Home Maker

All my life, I’ve been told I look like my Mom, which is a great compliment. I think my Mom is beautiful. When I was growing up though, I tried not to be like her. She loved to garden. I did everything I could to avoid it. She canned and pickled. […]

Choice Garden BBQ

My community garden, the one with the cute purple shed, is having a fundraiser this Sunday. The BBQ bash takes place at Choices Market in Kits. Choices will provide burgers with a drink by donation. And you can chat […]