Spring Gillard

Watch Your Waste

Many years ago I recall telling a Metro Van staffer that if they really wanted people to compost, they should ban organics from the landfill. She laughed. Not going to happen. Well lookee here. Although with all this infrastructure and convenient pick up, sadly the numbers of backyard composters are diminishing. At any rate, try […]

Abundance Abounds

Love this experiment from Eckhart Tolle. In other words, “Give and it will be given.”

Try this for a couple of weeks and see how it changes your reality: Whatever you think people are withholding from you­—praise, appreciation, assistance, loving care, and so on —give it to them. You don’t have it? Just act as […]

Cutting Waste to the Bone

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Gibsons Recycling Depot & Resource Recovery Centre has added a new piece of equipment. As of December 21, 2014, they are now accepting clean (no plastic or any non organic material) food […]

Christmas Presence

One of the most precious gifts we can give our loved ones is our attention. So put down the phone or the newspaper, tear yourself away from your favourite TV show, forget all about multi-tasking and give someone your undivided attention this holiday season. Here’s Eknath Easwaran on why it matters.

By giving full attention […]


I heard a guest on CBC Radio this week talking about the Iranian winter solstice celebration of Yalda, meaning birth. The Yalda festival, like many other cultural festivals of light, is celebrated on December 21st, which is the longest night of the year and the beginning of winter. Iranians herald in the season of light […]

Feast Bowl

A group of people from the UBC Learning Exchange went to Feast Bowl this past month. It’s a fabulous monthly community meal, with freshly grown ingredients harvested from the Indigenous Health Education and Research Garden at UBC Farm. Staff, students, faculty and community members prepare and share the meal together at the First Nations Longhouse. […]

One Wild Casserole

This is an old recipe that used Uncle Ben’s wild rice. I’ve updated it here. I took it to my work potluck last week and it was a hit. So creamy.

Wild Rice & Broccoli Casserole

2 cups wild rice, cooked (I use Lundberg Wild Blend)

1 large head of broccoli

2 tins mushroom […]


This week I participated in holiday festivities at work for the first time in many years. We had Christmas Tree decorating and a skating party for all our patrons, a lunchtime potluck, and an evening staff Christmas party. While I wouldn’t call myself a “Christmas person,” I have loved every minute of it. But I […]

Women’s Wishes

I’ll be making a trip to the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre this week to drop off some soaps and socks and other items on their Christmas Wish list. The Centre was established in 1977 as a drop in centre for women and children living in poverty. They also provide a women-only emergency night shelter. They […]


Just found out about this innovative public education project, a partnership between Emily Carr, the David Suzuki Foundation and Roundhouse Community Centre. Unfortunately, it ended this past Monday, when the 17 art students, 3 musicians and 3 city planners presented their soundscapes, videos, and artwork. I include it here as inspiration. There are so many […]