Spring Gillard

Forty Pounder Holiday

Summer in the Okanagan. Dinner at the Gasthaus with brother Don and lovely Lelani in Peachland, on the patio, lakeside. Sauerkraut spaetzle never gets old.

Morning coffee with Dad. Early run to the lake. Drive to Oliver. Picking organic tomatoes at Covert Farms. Only twenty pounds Mom says. We come home with forty. Peaches from […]

Greens Machine

I am having trouble keeping up on all the produce from the three gardens I’m tending this summer. A tiny one on my balcony, the collaborative one at Kits House and the community one at the Pine Street Garden. Even though I am sharing with friends and neighbours, I feel like all I’m doing is […]


Came across this great blog by Jordan Marr called The Ruminant. Jordan is an organic farmer in the Okanagan Valley. His blog is a venue for farmers and gardeners to swap ideas. He has cool prizes for best photos submitted too. I really liked his post on trellises – 10 different systems from farmers all […]

Dilly at the Billy

I spent Thursday night at the Billy Bishop Legion. And not for the reasons you might think. No I was participating in a canning class put on by Village Vancouver and the Society Promoting Environmental Conservation, thanks to a Neighbourhood Small Grant.

We made Dilly Beans and blueberry jam. The kitchen was small and very […]

Not Even a Trickle

A marine biologist explained coral reefs to me when I was on a kayak trip in Belize one year. In a coral colony, millions of tiny jellyfish-like animals called polyps work cooperatively to create the limestone skeletons that are the framework of the coral reef. Corals feed both passively on plankton and get nutrients from […]

Corner Store Food

Caught a clip on TV about a healthy corner store initiative happening in my neck of the woods. The Western Convenience Store Association (WCSA) has launched a collaborative effort to bring healthier food choices to its member convenience stores. While there have been one-offs across Canada, mostly by non-profits, it is great to see the […]

A Fruitful Project

Evergreen has launched its urban fruit orchard on the Great Northern Way Campus, the home of their regional Vancouver office. They have planted 30 locally adapted apple trees, dozens of strawberries, raspberries, huckleberries and more, all in containers, transforming the mix of industrial buildings, barren concrete and gravel into a lush mobile orchard.

As their […]

Fresh Roots Urban Farm

We are winding up our composting pilots for the City and the wrap up for Grandview Woodland participants was a composting tour with Fresh Roots Urban Farm. This group of passionate urban farmers is just as passionate about composting and they have a number of productive systems at their various sites in East Vancouver. We […]

Compost Crimes

Last night a fellow community garden member and I hauled some dry leaves and straw that I had stashed over to our new community compost bins. The first of the three wood and wire bins is already full. And not full in a good way. It doesn’t matter that I posted carefully made signs detailing […]