Spring Gillard

Little Lost Zucchini

I went to water my sad little garden the other night. I have reseeded so many times this year I have lost count. It looks like the only thing I’m growing is soil. The gluttonous bamboo thriving on the other side of the fence is eating and drinking on my side. Nothing will grow on […]

Dig This

Dug this old T-shirt out of a drawer today. Steve Frillman, the ED of the Green Guerillas in NYC gave it to me when I paid them a visit. The Green Guerillas were my inspiration for getting involved with urban agriculture. The organization ignited the community garden movement in the 1970s. Steve gave me two […]

Primula Auricula

Tonight we say farewell to Alison, one of our founding members at the community garden to which I belong. After decades of service on the board and tending some of our most beautiful common areas, Alison will be moving to the Island. We’re having a potluck bash to send her off to her new life.


Cash Crops

Back in 2004, in a keynote speech for the American Community Gardening Association in Toronto, I pitched a great fundraising idea for compost demonstration gardens. These education gardens were scattered around North America, many of which were geared to urban agriculture. There’s no money in food I argued, we should grow grass. And by grass […]

Garden of Eden

A friend shared this photo with me on Facebook this week. It’s the community garden at the Eden Project, St Blazey, Cornwall, England. The photo is by franieK. That’s all the info that was provided. But the post was paired with this lovely quote, which I will now share with you.

Out of […]

Spring Musings

Yes it’s my real name. No I was born in the fall. No my parents weren’t hippies. Of course there’s a story to how I got my name. It took my Mom six years to get pregnant. On the February day that she found out about me, the flowers were beginning to bloom and the […]

Ready, Set, Garden

I bought seeds this week. On the weekend I’ll be heading to my community garden to get my plot prepped. Here’s my to do list:

•spread composted manure that was delivered last weekend

•trim herbs

•pull some weeds and compost

•rake up […]

Marg of the Maples

I first met Margaret Haga when I was working at City Farmer. She had taken over the management of the Maple Street Garden from Barb Atkins, the energetic and dedicated woman who started the community garden. The Maple garden was the first community garden to pop up on the east side of Maple […]

Vegetable Literacy

I had my meditation group over for a potluck this past Friday. I hauled out my stained and dog-eared copy of The Greens Cookbook by Deborah Madison and settled on the fabulous Black Bean Chili. I have a number of favourites in that cookbook including the very festive baked polenta with gooey layers of tomato […]

Blown Away

On my run the other day I was blown away by how many leaf blowers I saw. Homeowners and hired gardeners were blowing perfectly good leaves off the garden areas out from under shrubs and trees. Why oh why aren’t they leaving them in place? Does bare dirt really look tidier? Used […]