DSCN5166I booked a compost workshop at my community garden for tonight – before I knew I was getting a new, full time job. So the question was, do I cart all of my composting supplies with me to work or try to rush home before heading to the garden for 6pm. I decided that carrying a compost aerator on the bus would make me feel like a wingdigger, so I opted to stash it in the garden a couple nights before. I’m doing a workshop for some of our newer community gardeners and we invited our neighbouring gardeners from community gardens along the railway tracks too. This is part of a greenest city neighbourhood small grant we got through Kits House and the Vancouver Foundation to prepare the ground and surrounding landscape for our new compost bins. We got another grant from the City for the new set of three bins.

This working full time is going to take a little getting used to. But it’s good to mix things up – both in life and your compost bin.

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