Spring Gillard

Feast Table

I’m going to this on Thursday. Can’t wait.

Chefs from UBC and the Alma Mater Society will prepare a sustainable, family-style community dinner on Main Mall using some locally sourced UBC Farm items. White linen, tableware, glassware, and candles will be set for tables of 14 and music will be performed by students from the […]

Got Milkweed?

Photo: Houston Museum of Natural Science

Riffing on the Got Milk campaign, the David Suzuki Foundation has launched the Got Milkweed campaign in an effort to help save the dwindling monarch butterfly population. Female monarchs lay their eggs on milkweed plants which also provide food for the caterpillars. Milkweed has nearly been wiped […]

State of the Soil

Woody Tasch, Founder of Slow Money, on the perilous state of our soil. This is from his address at Food + Enterprise in Brooklyn, New York this past February.

We are strong in terms of tillage, but weak in terms of fertility.

We are strong measured in chemical and mechanical power—millions and millions of tons […]

Time Change

Daylight saving time (DST) wasn’t even on my radar yet. As a result, I did not set my clocks ahead last night before bed. I only clued in when I saw my computer clock was an hour later than the rest of the clocks in my house. Despite “springing ahead,” I’ve felt behind all day […]

Farm Truck

Look what I found on one of my lunch time explorations. The Strathcona Truck Farm was inspired by a similar project in Brooklyn. You can read all about the truck and their urban seed project here.

Farm Floating

I was on the Island last week. A couple of Islands to be exact – Vancouver and Denman. The first few days of my holiday, I hung out with friends in the Duncan area, floating from farm to farm. Here’s what my Saturday looked like: Duncan Farmer’s market, shopping for bread and cheese in the […]

Corky on the ALR

I wrote about the ALR and Bill 24 last post, but then this letter popped into my mailbox today and I knew I had to spread the word. I had the pleasure of working with Corky Evans on the campaign to save the Formosa Blueberry farm. This is a picture of him with one […]

Zoning Out

For those of you who haven’t been following the provincial Bill 24 debate, here’s the gist of it. On March 27th, 2014 Bill Bennett and Steve Thompson (acting Minister of Agriculture) announced Bill 24, the amendments of the Agricultural Land Commission Act. The creation of the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) in the 1970s was a […]

Sustainability Served up at SFU

There are some super sustainability offerings coming up at Simon Fraser University. The first two courses below are part of the certificate program that I’m involved in. The third is a free lecture on transportation with national columnist Andrew Coyne. Check them out.

Community Food Systems

Mar 7-8, 2014

9 am-5:30 pm


Instructors: Janine […]

Roast Roost

I was in Sydney this past weekend visiting family and friends. My cousin took me to a very cool bakery café for breakfast Saturday morning. Roost Farm Centre is situated on a 10-acre family farm. The wheat, berries, chicken and eggs used in the lovely baked goods and other menu items are all […]