Corporate Bullies

gardendevastaNWhen I worked at City Farmer, we and the community gardeners along the railway tracks, co-existed somewhat peacefully with Canadian Pacific (CP) Railway. Back then the corporation worked with the community, steaming the weeds along the tracks in order not to contaminate the gardens. One day, when they began chopping the blackberries, we were able to negotiate with the rail workers and convince them not to cut the wildlife habitat back too far. The other day, I walked along the gardens for the first time since CP strong-armed gardeners into moving and yanked out beautiful food gardens along the tracks, reclaiming their territory. Many of these gardeners grow their own food to supplement their low incomes. Even if CP does resume using the tracks as they say they want to, there was no reason to destroy these gardens. It doesn’t look like the bullying has completely destroyed the gardens though, and neither have CP’s tactics convinced the City to buy their land.

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