Spring Gillard

Traffic Stoppers

I had lunch with my friend Terry Dixon last week. She and I both have birthdays this month, so we were celebrating together. I first met Terry when I was at City Farmer and she was the Green Streets coordinator for the City of Vancouver. We became friends when we both attended […]

Lemon Balmy Day

At the end of every wormshop, I used to take the school children on a tour of the compost garden. I’d already shown them how to turn food waste into black gold, now they could see the food growing and understand the full cycle of life. On their brief tour they would taste and touch […]

Street Gardeners

Wrote this one back in 2004 when I was doing the regular radio bit on CBC’s North by Northwest. The Green Streets program is still going strong – with more than 300 gardens now and a beautiful coffee table book highlighting some of the best. My friend Terry Dixon has retired to a life of […]