Spring Gillard

Bike Cafés

Simon Fraser has an interesting talk on Sustainable Transportation coming up as well as a series of Bike Cafés. Check it out.

SFU Philospopher’s Café and The City Program are pleased to introduce a series of Bike Cafés, which will take place along major commuter cycling routes at cyclist friendly coffee bars in Vancouver. This […]

Transportation Conversation

Last week I received an email from the Mayor of Vancouver about a study that was just released by KPMG “that demonstrates the urgent economic need for a new subway line on the UBC-Broadway corridor.” He says he is hoping I will help spread the word. Well, I will spread the word, […]

I Got Wheels

A couple weeks ago, I loaded all my recyclables into a large duffle bag and strapped it to my bike with bungy cords. I don’t have panniers. In fact, my bike is so old, panniers won’t fit onto it. The duffle bag stuck out both sides of my bike – I probably should have […]