Spring Gillard

Messing Up

This is what the garbage containers looked like along 4th Avenue today. So much for the new city recycling program. David’s, Starbucks, 49th Parallel, Whole Foods – everyone of you were littering the street today. The minimum retailers could do is charge a significant fee for the paper and plastic cups to encourage people to […]

Pirate Ship?

Looks like the Dread Pirate Roberts is docked at the Vancouver Maritime Museum near the dog beach in Kitsilano. I am intrigued by this contraption which appears to have some “green” features. Perhaps some water collection capacity? A compost toilet? Would love to know more if anyone has details.

Just got this update from the […]

Hairbrush Inspiration

My hairbrush was falling apart, so I finally got a new one. I was happy to see that I could break the old one into its constituent parts. The handle and frame are made of hard plastic. There was a rubber piece that inserted into the frame, it held all the plastic […]

Random Recyclables

As I was sorting my recyclables for the bi-monthly beyond the blue box event that Village Vancouver coordinates, I realized I still had a lot of questions about what could and couldn’t be recycled. For example, if I take apart the Bon Ami container – do the paper parts go in with […]

I Got Wheels

A couple weeks ago, I loaded all my recyclables into a large duffle bag and strapped it to my bike with bungy cords. I don’t have panniers. In fact, my bike is so old, panniers won’t fit onto it. The duffle bag stuck out both sides of my bike – I probably should have […]

Recycling History

Recycling is a daily theme for me right now as I’m sifting and sorting through my life. Yesterday I came upon an old file labelled “recycling.” It contained newspaper clippings and magazine articles going back to 1991. The headlines show how far we have come and not come. “Fluorescents are made to last,” “Juice box […]

Wok Before You Run

I’ve been meaning to clean out my kitchen cupboards for some time. It’s one of those things I don’t quite get around to. Okay, avoid. Then on Friday afternoon, I accompanied a friend to Ikea. You need a friend to go to any big box store, to turn the shopping into an adventure, otherwise it […]