Wok Before You Run

I’ve been meaning to clean out my kitchen cupboards for some time. It’s one of those things I don’t quite get around to. Okay, avoid. Then on Friday afternoon, I accompanied a friend to Ikea. You need a friend to go to any big box store, to turn the shopping into an adventure, otherwise it can suck the life out of you. I didn’t think I needed anything, but soon found myself with a big yellow bag over my shoulder. I came home with a few odds and ends and a nice new stainless steel wok. Problem was I had nowhere to put it. Time to clean.

I’m in a sorting and organizing phase anyways, that necessary review before you can move on to whatever is next. I always find the clearing process so rich, making space for the new, even if it was just a wok. Yesterday, as I was deep inside a cupboard, pulling out pots and pans, I was finding things I forgot I had. Stirring up memories of times gone by. I also found a lot of things I can do without: microwave egg cookers, a coffee carafe from a long gone coffeemaker, the plastic insert to a Brita water filter jug I no longer have, and all those Teflon frying pans. How to recycle those toxic cooking vessels? By mid-afternoon I had reorganized my kitchen, found the perfect spot for my new wok, and had everything spic and span.

Later I went for a run along the beach, drinking in the crisp sea air and feeling wide open to new possibilities.

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